Impressions of the Istvan Pölös Exhibition


Drawings, paintings and buildings

Istvan Pölös Exhibition in Szeged, Hungary


What: 120 works on display, paintings, drawings, architectural plans, and concrete sculptures

Where: at the Vedres Istvan College in Szeged

When: It is open until October 22, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays.






Look at these pictures! How busy the exhibition assistants are with the installations! All of them feel like architects. They built the exhibition, including the suspended tensegrity sphere in only 2 hours, and they also hung the pictures from the tripods. These young people did a very good job! 

The tensegrity sphere is the highlight of the exhibition: it is reflecting in the glass planes above it, where the final image appears.













Photo credit: Istvan Pölös, Zoltan Andre



You can watch the exhibition opening video on Facebook here


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