BAUHAUS 100 - Abstract Revue

Brief history of the BAUHAUS

As most of you probably know, 2019 is the 100th anniversary of one of the most iconic art schools of all time, Bauhaus. The famous art school was founded in Weimar, Germany by architect, Walter Gropius. The school was established in 1919 and operated until it’s closing in 1933 because of the pressure of the upcoming WW2.The reforming ideology and the quality of education brought a variety of students from around the world to the Bauhaus school of Art including a number of Hungarian students. This year in 2019 we celebrate and remember famous Hungarian designers and artists of the Bauhaus movement who formed modern architecture and introduced the Bauhaus design in our country. This year many exhibitions and art events are held in Budapest for the 100th anniversary including a unique city tour plan which is basically a map pinpointing buildings of the Bauhausstyle in Budapest.

The exhibition of the Hungarian National Gallery