ARTODU considers itself as a mentor of contemporary artists.

We founded our individualized ARTODU ARTIST MENTORING PROGRAM for young artists. We help, guide and encourage young artist to improve their work, to trust their potential and we inspire them to work confidently towards their career goals. We chose Lilla Andre as our first mentee, whose goal is to be a fashion designer.

Lilla’s Artist Statement

"My name is Lilla André and I’m an art student in Budapest, my hometown. When I was a little girl, I had this dream to become a fashion designer. In elementary school, I had amazing teachers who pushed me to start participating in children’s art competitions. Actually my 1st winning experience came at my very first competition at the age of 10. From then on, there was no stopping. I attended special art classes every Friday afternoon and participated in numerous competitions, most of the time with good results. I’ve tried many things like analog and digital photography, painting techniques, graphic design and much more. It has always been my hobby to try new things, step out of the bubble that I know so well and start doing something completely different. Of course I try to focus mostly on drawing human figures, designing clothes and creating patterns. However, I do belive that opening up to varoius forms of art inspires us in a unique and amazing way. Now I am in high schoo