Hungarian Art at the Kunsthaus Zug, Switzerland

ARTNIGHT at Zug – Exhibition of Péter Nádas and dance performance by the Hungarian dance formation “Óperenciás” (based in Zürich)

It was a spectacular night on the 1st of September at Zug. Galleries, museums and cultural institutions opened their doors for one night, they arranged interesting programs and provided a free drink for every visitor. The Kunsthaus Zug was also open this night: it was finissage of the “Péter Nádas: Writer on the road” exhibition. Sandra Winiger from the Kunsthaus gave a guided tour around the pictures.

Nádas is very well known from his award-winning literature. Currently on a book tour for his autobiographical fiction “Aufleuchtende Details” (Bright Details in English), the Hungarian writer and photographer is presenting two very different series of photographic works in Zug.

A new group of works in the collection bears the same name as the title of his most recent book: Bright Details are what the visitor can discover in his entire photographic work  –  light and shadow are the key themes with Nádas. It appears in the seemingly medievally painted, black and white photographs, heavy and dark. But it’s also in the bright mobile phone images, a new medium with which he has been experimenting for a few years now. These images are more flat, but still colourful, vibrant, free and playfully cheerful. Nádas’ memories show what it means to be a part of a culture and a history, to be a product of societal development.

About Péter Nádas: he was born Jewish in Budapest in 1942, right before the German occupation. His photography spans a great period of time: From the postwar suffering of the population during the dictatorship up until the present. The exhibition, arranged by the artist himself, brings new details to light and engages them in a conversation with the new and colourful images.

Hungarian Folkdance from the Dance Formation “Óperenciás“

To make more special and attractive the night, the Kunsthaus invited a Hungarian dance formation. The Hungarian folk music and sings have an absolutely unique atmosphere which is unmistakable. The dancing take place in the front of the coloured pictures and the composition was really impressive: The artworks and the Hungarian language with the melodies gave to the audience an original view to the Hungarian art, photography, literature and folk inheritance.

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