Vanishing point beyond the exhibition – The closing of the Pölös exhibition

What can be seen in a picture beyond the vanishing point? Anything. As time and space disappear and geometric rules cease, creativity remains only. Releasing rules brings imagination on the surface, zero gravity pops up, details can be re-thinkable and new artworks are born with new technical solutions... We were privileged to see this experiment at the closing of the István Pölös exhibition as the architect-artist himself held a special guided tour with music, moving, exciting new ideas and a nice gift. ​

The total number of 300 visitors showed the success of the exhibition; leading architects from well-known Hungarian architect’s offices came from Budapest, Szeged and many other cities of Hungary. Beside fellow sculptors and painters a start-up manager and the inventor of the energy generating pavement were presented. Fellow artists have been great help indeed: Ferenc Csurgai helped to cast concrete statuettes, Fanni Orosz Visual culture MA student assisted in selecting the exhibited pictures; Gusztáv Kocsis created an excellent closing event video. A special guest was István Ocztos, a very well-known Hungarian architect-artist who himself had held an exhibition there before. He helped with his great insight too. Beside the already familiar paintings and statuettes new artworks were also present: a half an hour before the closing event the artist created a “walking chair” displaying zero gravity with balls spectacularly floating by the air-flow of the passing guests. This astonishing sight of contemporary art was explained by the artist himself in a no ordinary guided tour. In his introduction he recalled the idea of the exhibition: a mental experiment beyond the vanishing point. In perspective representation parallels meet in infinity and so they vanish. Mentally getting “behind the pictures”, instead of the former rules, a new abstract art is displayed, where anything can turn into anything, everything can evolve and can become a new starting point. The tour was held in a special way in darkness, lighting the currently shown pictures with his mobile torch. Dragging the light to the newly born picture he explained that - by enlarging any picture - small details would become visible as a basis of a new image, so every picture hides another picture in itself. The audience could walk with him or just sit on the randomly set seats (illuminated bottom-up) and watch the applied modern techniques. He also pointed out that any material can serve as a painting canvas: a discarded star chart, a corrupted printing sheet, freshly fallen snow or even a used X-ray recording... The mysterious atmosphere was further improved by the instrumental background music of Viktor Bori pianist. ​ Later on the artist presented his architectural works in a projection about modern architectural elements that strengthen functionality. There was also a play with light and perspective: a perforated gate creating different lighting inside and outside, and turning viewpoints that would show new characteristics of a building.. ​ Just as at the opening, some pictures were purchased again and the artist was also invited to Szeged to hold his next exhibition. The “walking chair” has come to new life too by walking around in city show rooms. Finally the artist said goodbye with an inventive gift placed in the exhibition space: an autumn collection of 27 takeaway mugs with details of the 3 main pictures split at 9 pieces on each mug. All in all, the pictures of István Pölös took us to the birth of a constantly evolving imagery, it was exciting to experience that so much more is waiting for us in contemporary art. I also happily took a mug home and in mornings I drink my coffee pondering on the 12-sided cube created beyond the vanishing point...

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