Experiment beyond the vanishing point - Exhibition of István Pölös

The contemporary fine art exhibition that displayed the abstract pictures, paintings and other statuettes, models of one of the prominent Hungarian representatives of the modern art started in an almost familiar circle of friends. We can call it familiar because of the warm welcome of the architect friends and other fellow artists as well as the marvel of the latest artworks of modern art, but it was also familiar in the sense that the exhibited abstract modern pictures would also stand their grounds in a home interior. We have visited the exhibition opening of István Pölös architect and artist. The location of the exhibition was in the headquarters of the Association of Hungarian Architects, in the elegant Palace district of the city centre of Budapest, where the large yet intimate building of the former Almássy palace - built in 1877 – can be found with its inner courtyard; the exhibition was held in the modern ground floor Károly Kós showroom. The host of the event was András Krizsán, chairman of the Association of Hungarian Architects, who revealed the meaning and significance of the vanishing point included in the title (the parallels meeting point in perspective representation) in the pictures and statuettes of István Pölös. The artist makes us look back from there and shows us the visual world. The audience of about eighty persons included the co-workers of the artist (architects, painters, sculptors), friends (art teachers, bachelors of art) and the friends of friends indicating that the contemporary architect and fine artist’s most modern artworks are of great professional and visitor interest. Modernity was represented both in the applied techniques and the creative ideas. Perhaps that’s why Zsolt Zádori journalist described István Pölös in his opening speech as a „fantast, galactic world and time traveller, a glowing-eyed alchemist, avant-garde experimenter, who is never bothered by traditions and rules… an inventor, discoverer, a futurist archaeologist”. Seeing the displayed artworks diversity was the most significant point for me either: the image of an illuminated statuette projected on the wall; a video about a perforated gate with light and sound effects while being opened; a clay Stele in a stone frame; digitally transformed ink wash drawings symbolizing the atmosphere of seasons; an impression image of falling stars; wireframe cube studies… a fantastic brainstorm, exciting and still clear artworks at the same time. Another interesting fact was that beside the original goal of the exhibition – that is the presentation of the most modern techniques and ideas of contemporary art – even some paintings have been purchased: the manager of a mail order startup company „fell in love” with one of the pictures so he bought it on the spot. This way if he took it personally or it was sent to him by mail order, it has become his own anyway... All in all we can state that the experiment of this prominent Hungarian representative of contemporary fine art has been proved successful: looking back from the vanishing point, the images of a clear world reflect back on us… if we want even from the wall of our own room.

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