All around us - Exhibition in Hall of Art in Budapest - Interview with Kata Komuves

At the handcrafts and designer arts exhibition of Hall of Art titled „All around us”, the artworks of Artodu Gallery’s artists , Kata Komuves and Zoltán André can be viewed as well. In our report we asked Kata Komuves about the exhibition.

Artodu: Kata, could you please share with us a few words about how you first met with this fantastic initiative? ​ Kata Komuves: I have been a member of FISE (Studio of Young Artists) since 2016 and as a member I got the opportunity through the Association to take part in a really imposing exhibition that shows the creations of contemporary artists. Artodu: What does it mean to you as a photographer artist to be present at such a mixed, rather applied art-like exhibition? Kata Komuves: I feel honoured by every request, especially being present at a national artistic level. Artodu: Which pictures of yours can we see at the exhibition? ​ Kata Komuves: Each photo artist was allowed to send 10-15 pictures to the exhibition of their works, the selection was entrusted to us. I have selected my pictures out of three of my favourite topics, which are Body – Nature – Dance. ​ Artodu: If I know it well, you recommended other artists and among them Zoltán André as well to the exhibition. Why did you consider the appearance of Zoli important? ​ Kata Komuves: I like Zoli’s pictures very much, they are unique and cannot be confused with the ones of others, and they really reflect his sensitivity, unique perspective; that’s why I felt that he must absolutely be on the palette of contemporary artists. ​ Artodu: There was a huge interest at the opening as well. What feedback did you get? Kata Komuves: Yes indeed, both the interest and the number of visitors cut the record in the Hall of Art, that’s what personally made me happy because this shows indeed the true interest and the demand of highbrow, unique artworks. Those emails and messages that I have continually been getting since the opening of the exhibition confirmed this as well.

Artodu: Are there any artworks that inspired you personally?

Kata Komuves: I could not mention any special pieces, I’d rather say that the whole exhibition was incredibly inspiring for me! Once I was asked by an editor in a radio interview whether my high school years spent in Cuba had an act on my given perspective. At that time and even now I can say that not especially, but if those colours, smells, forms, innovative solutions experienced by the traveller while spending some time in a different culture or even seen by the visitor spending time on such an imposing exhibition, it will almost certainly have an effect on his visual culture for a lifetime.

The exhibition can be visited until August 13, 2017.

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