Art Basel 2017 - Exhibition in Basel

Having the opportunity to display artworks at ART Basel means an undisputed prestige. And to be there as a visitor means an immense experience that is hard to take in at once. The Art Basel 2017 art fair continues the tradition of bringing together the international art world at Messe Basel in Switzerland. This year, the world's leading galleries presented works of over 4,000 artists.

First impressions – the installations

The installations were impossible to simply pass by if one began their walk around the fair in the lobby. One of the enormous walls was occupied by four monumental paintings, the “Four Seasons” collection by Secundino Hernández. Another dominant performance was the „Dish-house” built out of dishes we are all familiar with: used aluminium pots and saucepans hanging from threads, in the shape of a house, surrounded by a mild kitchen smell. Included in Unlimited 2017, Subodh Gupta’s 'Cooking the World' focuses on the rituals and symbolism of preparing, presenting and consuming food. Another interesting performance was the helium-filled Zeppelin by Chris Burden, flying in a 20-meters-diameter circle at specified intervals.

Here are 4 Highlights by ARTODU: a few artworks we found especially inspirational

Highlight 1: AAASSEMBLAGE 6, and AAASSEMBLAGE 7 2016 inkjet prints on cotton canvas painted with oil colour, mounted on aluminium composite panel with laser drawings – by David Maljkovic from the DVIR Gallery The unique and combined technique creates an unusual atmosphere. The pictures look like a collage seamed together piece by piece, and like a surface cut with perfect sharpness at the same time. It is a harmony of various textures, delicate transitions and precise joints.

Highlight 2: Artworks by Damián Ortega from the Kurimanzutto Gallery The artist used traditional Mexican motifs on his fabric pictures. The textiles were manufactured using conventional techniques, some of them imitating the colours and textures of traditional costumes, and were made by Mexican craftswomen.

Highlight 3: Museum of Shedding 2016, installation with photos by Dayanita Singh This collection consisted of architectural photographs of spaces linked by a special beauty. Some of them were ancient, others were contemporary, but we could imagine all of them to be inhabited by a curator or the director of a museum. The structure of the matrix in which the pictures were displayed was fascinating, and the pieces of furniture fit into the composition beautifully with their perfectly smooth wooden surface.

Highlight 4: Untitled (Flat Finish 1 - 47) by Michael Krebber The collection consists of 47 pencil and ballpoint pen drawings on paper in aluminium frames. Krebber claims to have used these paintings as filters: as a set of rules used to separate an inside from an outside. This method used rules borrowed from other artists, for example from Mondrian. The drawings radiated the dynamism of the colour white towards the visitors.

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