Evanescence of Motion - Interview with Kata Komuves

Kata has a radiant, energetic, animated personality. Her enchanting photographs grasp the evanescence of motion as well as the withdrawing moments of silence.

Artodu: Please tell us a few words about how your passion for photography became your job and a work of art in your life. ​ Kata Komuves: In a nutshell, it happened completely out of the blue. To be more specific, I have been interested in many fields of art since I was a child. But life always took me down other roads. In particular, after I completed my education in music in elementary school, my family moved to Cuba because of my father’s job, and that is where I had my final exams. Then I moved back home, and by the time I graduated I already had a family of my own. I was working in the field of film production for many years, during which time I was able to learn about the tricks of the trade, the different visions of directors, the rules of composition etc. Of course, back then I had no idea that years later all that professional experience would prove very useful. On an excursion to a forest in the summer of 2008, as I was watching animals from a lurk, I realised that I wanted to record those fantastic moments. A week later I already had my own camera. But what makes a picture great? I asked myself. In September I was sitting in a school bench, and I just kept learning, studying, shooting photos... That is how it all started... Artodu.: Your photographs of motion are as lyrical and delicate as the ones capturing the pure moments of silence. Is this lyrical element deliberately considered when you compose a picture? Kata Komuves: I simply cannot take a photo of something I see, only the way I see it. This is the way I am. I love nice things and it makes me happy to be able to share them, to make the viewers see them as beautiful, tender and clear. Artodu: What kind of equipment do you use for your pictures, and why is this your choice? ​ Kata Komuves: I have a Canon 6D body with a macro, a wide-angle and a teleobjective lens. I chose this particular camera body years before, because it has a multiexposure function: this technical bonus allows me to unfold my creativity, without having to use Photoshop or other manipulations. I believe that pictures are born inside us, and technology enables us to show them to the rest of the world. ​ Artodu: What inspires you, Kata, when you are looking for subject matter? How did you find models for your series about dancers? ​ Kata Komuves: For me, inspiration is always the scene itself. Dance is fantastic because it is always accompanied by music. Together, they are like magic! During the years, I developed very good relationships with dancers, models and studios. We love working together, and we all enjoy the few hours that we spend as a team. ​ Artodu: Recently, you have been discovering the world of graphic design and drawings. What do you think is down the road? Kata Komuves: It is true: all my life, I always enjoyed broadening my knowledge, I was always interested in new things, and I think that graphic design as a form of visual art and photography enhance each other perfectly.

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