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What can be seen in a picture beyond the vanishing point? Anything. As time and space disappear and geometric rules cease, creativity remains only. Releasing rules brings imagination on the surface, z...


Gabor Andre is a young, emerging artist from Budapest. ARTODU Online Gallery of Contemporary Art represents his artworks. We asked him about his interests and his next steps in his career....


Artodu: The works of István Pölös always bring to mind: it is incredible how much creativity and energy flow from his artworks. The pictures and photos of István cannot be categorized into a single st...


At the handcrafts and designer arts exhibition of Hall of Art titled „All around us”, the artworks of Artodu Gallery’s artists , Kata Komuves and Zoltán André can be viewed as well. In our report we a...


One of our artists István Pölös was a curator of the highly successful “Structured emptiness” exhibition, which displayed the concrete sculptures of Ferenc Csurgai. We asked István about his role as a...


Zoltán André is an architect from Budapest. His activities include design, teaching at university, drawing, painting, building scale models, and taking photographs. Recently he has been discovering th...


Kata has a radiant, energetic, animated personality. Her enchanting photographs grasp the evanescence of motion as well as the withdrawing moments of silence.

Artodu: Please tell us a few words about...

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Vanishing point beyond the exhibition – The closing of the Pölös exhibition


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