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Drawings, paintings and buildings

Istvan Pölös Exhibition in Szeged, Hungary

What: 120 works on display, paintings, drawings, architectural plans, and concrete sculptures

Where: at the Vedres Istvan...


Exhibition: Bauhaus100 - ABSTRACT REVUE, focusing on the works of former Bauhaus student Andor Weininger.


Auction with selected artworks from Istvan Pölös

06.10.2019 15:00 Budapest, FUGA

FUGA : : Budapest Center of ArchitectureFUGA’s primary message: architecture is an integral part of culture. By showing c...


Isvan Pölös Exhibition in Szeged, Hungary:

Drawings, paintings and buildings

19.09.2019 at the Vedres Istvan College in Szeged

Opening 9:40 am - with Zoltan Andre 

The exhibition will be open until 22.10....


The newest attraction in Budapest

This amazing building has seen many things over the decades, it was a mall, a bank, an office building and it saw its darkest days in the socialism. What happened to t...


This post is about the famous architect, Laszlo Hudec: how he succeed in Shanghai and in the USA


Art and photography, unique technique


ARTNIGHT at Zug – Exhibition of Péter Nádas and dance performance by the Hungarian dance formation “Óperenciás” (based in Zürich)

It was a spectacular night on the 1st of September at Zug. Galleries, m...


The contemporary fine art exhibition that displayed the abstract pictures, paintings and other statuettes, models of one of the prominent Hungarian representatives of the modern art started in an almo...


At the handcrafts and designer arts exhibition of Hall of Art titled „All around us”, the artworks of Artodu Gallery’s artists , Kata Komuves and Zoltán André can be viewed as well. In our report we a...

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