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Do You Want a Good Investment?

Do you know why I recommend you art? Not because I founded an art gallery. No. I recommend art for your benefit. Let me tell you, why it is good for you.

Imagine yourself....


Drawings, paintings and buildings

Istvan Pölös Exhibition in Szeged, Hungary

What: 120 works on display, paintings, drawings, architectural plans, and concrete sculptures

Where: at the Vedres Istvan...


The Jewish quarter in Budapest is one of the most vibrant parts of the city. It is situated in Elizabethtown, which is the 7th district of the capital. The historic Jewish quarter contains the largest...


The contemporary fine art exhibition that displayed the abstract pictures, paintings and other statuettes, models of one of the prominent Hungarian representatives of the modern art started in an almo...


Zoltán André is an architect from Budapest. His activities include design, teaching at university, drawing, painting, building scale models, and taking photographs. Recently he has been discovering th...

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Vanishing point beyond the exhibition – The closing of the Pölös exhibition


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