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Do You Want a Good Investment?

Do you know why I recommend you art? Not because I founded an art gallery. No. I recommend art for your benefit. Let me tell you, why it is good for you.

Imagine yourself....


Drawings, paintings and buildings

Istvan Pölös Exhibition in Szeged, Hungary

What: 120 works on display, paintings, drawings, architectural plans, and concrete sculptures

Where: at the Vedres Istvan...


Exhibition: Bauhaus100 - ABSTRACT REVUE, focusing on the works of former Bauhaus student Andor Weininger.


Auction with selected artworks from Istvan Pölös

06.10.2019 15:00 Budapest, FUGA

FUGA : : Budapest Center of ArchitectureFUGA’s primary message: architecture is an integral part of culture. By showing c...


Isvan Pölös Exhibition in Szeged, Hungary:

Drawings, paintings and buildings

19.09.2019 at the Vedres Istvan College in Szeged

Opening 9:40 am - with Zoltan Andre 

The exhibition will be open until 22.10....


The newest attraction in Budapest

This amazing building has seen many things over the decades, it was a mall, a bank, an office building and it saw its darkest days in the socialism. What happened to t...


This post is about the famous architect, Laszlo Hudec: how he succeed in Shanghai and in the USA


Art and photography, unique technique


ARTODU considers itself as a mentor of contemporary artists.

We founded our individualized ARTODU ARTIST MENTORING PROGRAM for young artists. We help, guide and encourage young artist to improve their...


ARTNIGHT at Zug – Exhibition of Péter Nádas and dance performance by the Hungarian dance formation “Óperenciás” (based in Zürich)

It was a spectacular night on the 1st of September at Zug. Galleries, m...

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