Composing a picture – My efforts are centered on unwrapping reality in the form of a picture, either from a romantic or a rational aspect. Practicing gesture drawing, where lines shape and define themselves, is a fresh experience influencing my architectural work, enabling me to articulate deeper layers of visual thinking. I have given my mind to photography and light painting a long time ago, discovering new fields of composing. My goal is to create objective imaging with an artistic dimension. 
Architectural graphics – Being an architect, my job involves drawing a lot, as I partly work using traditional, manual techniques. Drawing is my element. Ever since my childhood, my paper-consuming activities have exhausted the resources of stationers’. 
Interfaces – Recently, as a result of my professional background; absorbed in drawing, graphics and scale modeling, I have been exploring the overlap of these arts creating collages and reliefs. 
Philosophy – It is rooted in visuality seeking order; but for me, expressive method constructed by subconscious habitude is just as inevitable.


Zoltán André

architect, photographer, painter (born in Hungary 1967)

"The drawings of Mr. Zoltan Andre were the reason we became Facebook friends, and some! The simplicity of means and still the capturing the factual and even emotional essence of a place, or a flower or a bird - are the qualities of a real artist! I am looking forward to meet him in person, and see a larger range of his works!"

Péter Magyar, Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, Kansas State University

artodu andré zoltán
artodu andré zoltán
artodu andré zoltán