As an architect, I have a complex view of the drawings with which I am modeling houses and spaces, bringing them to life. My artworks are playful experiments studying the interactions of different dimensions and visualisations of abstract forms and planes. Facades shown as projections of buildings in two-dimensional illustrations offer an aesthetic experience - this inspired the name of the drawings: “Archicon”.
In my artworks imagination meets reality. Buildings, drawings, details.  Concrete and glass, the contours of trees on reflective surfaces. Fine and diffuse textures of lines and shadows.

artodu horváth péter

Péter Horváth

architect (born in Hungary 1968)

"The pictures by Péter are made unique by his particular vision, and the fine details and clear design of the envisaged buildings.  Each picture has its own character, and still they create an integrated composition. I am in the privileged position of having seen as these individual drawings were born of freehand sketches and black-and-white lines."
Beatrix Koch

artodu horváth péter
artodu horváth péter