My passion about photography started when I was 15-year-old. We had a camera for family trips, and somehow it was always used by me. This is why I am not visible on most of the family pictures. I learn photography on my own, and at the end of the high school I decided to make it for living. So, right now I am learning photojournalism at the Budapesti Metropolitan University. I really like taking pictures about people, capture their honest personality, but on the other hand I also like photographing architecture, the capital city of Hungary, the gorgeous Budapest. Sometimes I just go for a walk with my camera, capturing everyday street moments, focusing on the lights, shadows and shapes. I like to enter photo contests, it is always a nice opportunity to get yourself challenged, to show your knowledge and last but not least to win prizes.

- 2013 Pro Vértes Foundation  „Discover the natural values!”  II. place and audience award

- 2014 Szerencsejáték Zrt. "Luck addiction"  special award

- 2015 NetAcademia "We, the ethical hackers"

- 2016 DUE  (Student Reporters' Association)  Student Photographer of the Year  

- 2016 BKK "Széll Kálmán square"
- 2016 Media Markt - MAFOSZ (Hungarian Photographers Association ) "Urban life"
- 2016 OVSZ "What means the blood giving for you?" special award

- 2016 EEA (European Environment Agency)  International Photo Contest  "My city" (youth category)

- 2017 CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year "Hourly winner’s prize for 19:00 Hour"


Máté Ladjánszki

photographer (born in Hungary 1996)

"Máté always has his camera with him and he’s always at the right place at the right time, capturing exactly the moment that will later become a special experience for everyone. One of his photographs (named Balaton minimal) was displayed on the homepage of "National Geographic Hungary'" marked as the "Picture of the Day". He has won several competitions and he is always looking for fresh and new topics. His pictures are dynamic, his perspective is novel and exploring. It’s an honour for Artodu Gallery to be given the opportunity to work together with such a talented young photographer. "
Beatrix Koch

artodu ladjánszki máté
artodu ladjánszki máté
artodu ladjánszki máté