- Born and grew up in Budapest (Hungary)
- Studied media science in Cuba, and educational science in Budapest
- Self-employed as a natural photographer, as well as in the artistic wedding photography
- Since 2014 member of the naturArt - Society of Hungarian Nature Photographers
- A member of the FISE - Young Artists' Studio Association

Awards & Nominations:
In 2013 The International Federation of Photographic Art awarded her with AFIAP photographic artist diploma as recognition for her artistic qualities and productions of her photowork which have been acknowledged through participations in different international salons.


Kata Komuves

photographer, graphic designer (born in Hungary)

"This is the ultimate love, you couldn’t even deny it Kata... as you are captivated by the motion and the movements. It’s a kind of captivity indeed, a certain fetter... as one tries  the sweeping movements to be condensed in one picture. Only few people would understand it... but those who would, would be rightly excited! You are brave as you boldly use replacements. You boldly skip the today’s trendy decompsition elements … instead you show us your own insight… you show the  proportinal movements like sweeping brush strokes… as if your own ones… Particular and brave you are…. unlike others who leave sharp, static motifs on their pictures... you however sketch, you draw bold brush strokes... you come up with an outstanding idea... so you lead on your viewer’s eye… you draw us on to a specific range of emotions."
László  Virágh

artodu komuves kata
artodu kömüves kata
artodu kömüves kata