Almost every day I draw lines either on a piece of paper or by computer. With lines I express my thought or give instructions to people who can build a house by studying them. It is really important for these lines to be placed perfectly, to have the perfect length and to have a universal reading which means the same for everyone.
In my artistic work lines are not only present but also play an important role. Each of my pictures start with a line not with a patch. Then I don’t pay attention to their lengths. I am more free to draw lines. In these works of mine I look for different appearances of lines. Sometimes they are present in light, or in three dimensions, or they might be totally dim just as they are in busy crossroads.
Sometimes I just find pleasure in drawing lines. Here it is not confusing if we have different interpretations of the same set of lines.

- 1990-92 Architect at Emery Roth and Sons Architects Budapest
- 1993 Founding architect of NANA Architects

- 1996 Drawing contest in Copenhagen, “Honorable Mention”
- 1999 Drawing contest in Paris, 2nd place (pictures made with mixed techniques, combining aquarell and CAD drawings with virtual reconstructions)
- 1999 Some of his artworks were published in the book “Virtual Space 3” (Pace Publishing Ltd 1999, Hong Kong) 

- 2006 Member of Association of Hungarian Architects

- 2006 Group exhibition in Madrid, presenting young architects 
- 2010 Group drawing exhibition, Venice Biennale 
- 2011 Exhibition in Újvidék, Borderline Architecture (Andor Wesselényi-Garay as curator)
- 2017 Curator of the exhibition “Csurgai 60”


István Pölös

architect (born in Hungary 1966)

"A letter of an idea is a line, a set of lines can add up to words and sentences. During drawing words and sentences might even be structured into an idea. Drawing is a therapy that can let us have no inhibitions to solve a problem."

artodu pölös istván
artodu pölös istván
artodu pölös istván