I was born in 1971. The most important thing that I have ever learned from my parents is my love for arts and culture. This has been so decisive in my life, that classical music became my profession, and photography became my hobby. I would like to emphasise: I am not a photographer, although I know that sometimes I manage to create some pretty good pictures.

I love travelling, seeing lovely landscapes and lights: to experience these is just as important as using them for the photos. 
I have joined the team of ARTODU Gallery both because they present the artworks of high-standard artists and because I like the idea to have high-quality, aesthetic photographs on the walls.


Gábor Ösz

musician (born in Hungary 1971)

"My philosophy: to give beauty to people! I trust my taste and that I won't just walk by beautiful things when I have my camera with me.

I enjoy it markedly that because of shooting my pictures only in natural light, creating them always has a factor that is only controlled by God. That is how both awareness and chance accompany me in this activity."

artodu ösz gábor
artodu ösz gábor
artodu ösz gábor