I started to study product design in Budapest at Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design, then I came to the UK on a scholarship (Erasmus) spent half a year at Plymouth College of Art. I had a couple of exhibitions in Budapest, mostly at ruin bars, the kind of bars Budapest is famous for. I painted for private collections, small theatres, and hostel designs.

I also loved photography since I was a kid, my dad is huge photography enthusiast and I had cameras all around me all the time. Latelly I fell in love with 35mm film, as so many people lately, then I use film and dslr as well.

I also have experience in various design fields such as product design, graphic design, architecture and so I believe the healthy fusion of the creative sectors can freshen up my work in painting or in photography. I participated in theatrical projects and have a major crush on literature that is why my painting is about context, it circulates around ideas, stories, gags. In my case allways the idea chooses the technique, that is why my work so far is quite eclectic.

Lately my focus is on the relationship of memories and space, my recent paintings are trying to resolve questions of gender representation, the ethics of landscape, the place of the individual in physical and metaphorical space.


Gábor André

product designer, painter (born in Hungary 1993)

"...his painting practice has been greatly informed by his time in Plymouth and wider experiencs. His paintings hold a strong balance

of criticality, and expression. Gabor holds a natural sensitivity to drawing and painting that places his practice in a very exciting place..."

Dr. Majella Clancy, Lecturer BA (Hons) Painting, Drawing & Printmaking, Plymouth College of Art

artodu andré gábor
artodu andré gábor
artodu andré gábor