- 1992 Founding architect of Studio Düne Ltd.

- 1992 University lecturer at the Department of Graphics, Form and Design at Budapest University of Technology and Economics
- 1994-1996 Master School of Association of Hungarian Architects, XIIIth cycle 
- 2004 Founder architect of Dér Architecture of Art Ltd.

- 2004 Assistant professor
- 2007 DLA (Doctor of Liberal Arts) degree 


Ferenc Répás

DLA, architect, associate professor / Technical University of Budapest, Faculty of Architecture (born in Hungary 1968)

"Art teaches us to see figuratively, to arrange our obscure notions into a composition; to identify and to get acquainted with figures, forms, depths, and the meaning of lines, patches and textures. During the process of portrayal, we learn to connect the visible material world with our abstract thoughts, our knowledge, and our feelings.  Art opens new perspectives for architecture, and at the same time architecture influences artistic vision: spaciousness, the depiction of space and challenges connected to them all arise from architecture."

From 'Reality Concept Drawing - in architectural drawing' co-authored by Ferenc Répás 

artodu répás ferenc
artodu répás ferenc
artodu répás ferenc