Beatrix Koch

architect, urbanist, founder (born in Hungary)

I studied urbanism and architecture in Budapest and during this period I was able to discover and get to know the city. Budapest has been a part of my life not only due to my job and education, I am also personally connected to this city.
My diploma work of urbanism was related to a rehabilitation city district, which had an incredible potential for rejuvenation. My other degree work for architecture was a gallery and cafeteria, close beside a former Turkish bath. Working as an urban designer and architect, and later as a product manager at an international company, improved my understanding of sustainable architecture and technological inventions. 
I have always loved interfaces and overlaps in art: between old and new, between fiction and reality.

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Artodu is an online gallery representing artists from Budapest, one of the cultural hubs of Central and Eastern Europe. These artists’ fresh and individual visions are current and inspirational. Our gallery displays photography, architectural and spatial works of art, as well as cultural aspects of music, literature and cinematography. The paintings, engravings, photographs and drawings interconnect like threads of a lively fabric. Characteristicly urban, distinctively Central European we are founded on the cultural values of Budapest, a city redolent with age.

Budapest is European, yet still individuel – related, but lonely – a bridge between West and East. Feelings, colours and lights introduce ages and artists. Our magazine highlights the classical traditions, presenting the city layer by layer. With a proudly "Retro" inheritance, in certain districts of the city, the visitor may think time has been paused. Juxtaposed against this backdrop, Budapest is a modern, vibrant metropolis with buildings adapted to international trends and fine architectural works. Discover this mixed and colourful city through the eyes of our talented artists.

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Big Thanks

I would like to thank all those who have supported me in creating the Artodu website: 
- Péter Horváth for the fantastic web-design and his wonderful work 
- Zoltán André and Gábor André, who have been supportive of the idea of a gallery from the moment it was born 
- Jenni Wallace and Genieve Frick for their help as English-speaking lectors
- Bianka Horváth and Emese Kónya for the English translations 
- Joy Baldwin and Phevos Papadantonakis (Otherwise Jewelry) for the inspiration and their help and advice 
- Tani Schicker (Repro Schicker) for being so flexible and supportive, and for the beautiful test prints 
- Lisa Chuma (Women’s Expo Switzerland) for her help in writing a brand-new story
- Paul Iten for the friendly chats and his marketing advice 
- Ken Eales for his advice
- Our artists for placing their confidence in the gallery, and for contributing to its success with their work 
- My family and friends who have been supporting me all along 
- And last but not least God, who has given me ideas and inspiration, and who also enabled these to come true